Keep Emmer Green is a group of residents that have pulled together to oppose the potential housing developments on Reading Golf Course and other sites in the surrounding area. We believe that these developments will be to the detriment of the whole area and are lobbying Reading Borough Council and South Oxfordshire District Council to prevent the developments going forward.

We believe that the impact on the basic infrastructure in the local area cannot sustain the developments of the various sizes and that it will overstretch an already weak road system, oversubscribed health resources and the environmental issues that a project of this size will have on the entire area.

It is important to understand that we are working alongside all the other resident associations but with a specific focus on what is happening at Reading Golf Club. With a plethora of other developments being proposed we have come together as a group to challenge these potential building projects in Emmer Green and the surrounding area.

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If you feel strongly about preserving the precious green spaces in our neighbourhood and would like to be kept informed and/or take an active part in helping to Keep Emmer Green please let us know

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We are looking initially to raise £750 to cover our campaign costs to raise awareness (website, leaflets, posters, fundraising events etc.) and to ensure the local authorities are aware of local opposition when planning applications are submitted.

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